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Your own branded iOS and Android app

NO CODE drag &
drop app builder

Fully customizable design with templates

Page views (bandwidth & traffic)

Content Management System (article, video, podcast, event, map, photo)

Push Notifications

Submission to App Stores on your behalf including updates

Basic App Extensions (RSS, WordPress, Analytics, App Authentication, Chat, Community )

Screenshot & App Icon Maker

Customised App Store Screenshots, Icons and marketing graphics from our Team

Scheduled Push Notifications

Internal & External Advertisements Networks

Advanced extensions (Zapier, Gated Content, Facebook Pixels, Geofencing, iBeacons etc)

Stream Live Video to your own app

Payment processing with in-app purchases

Setup & Support

Email & Support Docs

Email, Support Docs & Onboarding Setup Session

Fully Done for You Build & Support

Book App Coaching Calls with Jarrod

Custom Design via App Match Team


Frequently asked questions.

We are a no code platform meaning that if you can point and click a mouse then you have all of the requisite skills needed to build an amazing app. Add in our templates and support and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll be able to build. 

You can create your own app within hours thanks to the layouts, features, content and other elements ready at your disposal (we’ve seen it) . It may take longer if you decide to explore the software further and explore the infinite customization possibilities it offers.

Yes, you can. There are several ways to make money with your own app. You could ad in app purchases and gate specific content you have to paid customers only.  You can use our Google Admob plugin. This plugin allows you to get paid by google for every user that is on your app.

You could also try to find sponsors personally and ask them to pay you for a promotion on your app. Just like influencers on Instagram get paid to mention a company on their instagram. You could get paid by adding a promotion picture or video of a company in your app. 

By the way, all the money that you earn through your app, is yours. You don’t have to pay a percentage to us!

Like any SAAS service, your access is tied to your subscription and if you cancel this subscription your app will cease to function. It would be akin to turning off the server that hosts your website.

You can find a platform demo here. If you sign up a silver plan or above we even offer an onboarding call to get your started.  All customers also have step by step doc and a support team available to help you with any questions

Yes, you can. That’s what makes our platform so powerful. You can edit your app even after it has been published in the app stores. You can edit it on the App Match platform and it will automatically update the app in the app stores and for the users that downloaded the app already.

This doesn’t work with some big changes like the background colour of the homescreen of your app or the icon of your app. If you need to make those changes our team will handle them for you 🙂

After you submit your app to Apple and Android it can take 1-4 days to be approved by them. 

We can help you publish your app on your developer accounts on your behalf. App stores require that any business lists their own app under their own identify, so therefore you require your own developer accounts.  This will cost you $99 a year for Apple and $25 once for Android. More information here


Both app stores review each submission to ensure that it meets the developer guidelines. This means that prior to submission to Apple/Google the App Match team will work with you to ensure the app has enough features  etc to ensure its successful review. 

Rejections are very common and the App Match team will assist you through this process, suggesting ways you can ensure you meet the requirements in your app. 

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