Setting Up Developer Accounts

Apple Registration

There are two means for registration to choose from.

If you’re enrolling as an individual it will place that person name as the app developer next to the app, like the following

The other option is to register as a corporation, but in order to do this, you actually need to be a legitimate organisation & have a DUNS number. If you are an organisation & don’t have a DUNS number these can be requested for $0 in a few days. In some locations, you may already have one assigned and can check at

The organisation approach is recommended if your business is set up to allow it. It will list your app under the organisation, like the following

Each of these methods of enrolment costs approx $99 per annum allowing you to list unlimited apps in your/your business name

Android Registration

Please register and sign up for the Google Play Developer Portal which you can do below

It is a onetime fee of approximate $20 & you can register with any name you choose listed as your developer account, unlike apple.

Once you’ve registered you can complete the following to add [email protected] as a developer

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