How Does The App Match Work?

The best way to think of our app development process is to think of The App Match as a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution that provides you with access to a suite of tools that you can use to build, maintain, analyse and market your app.
The $199/month fee provides you with access to the cloud based software that makes this all possible – enabling us to rapidly deploy new features (in real time), new technologies and keep your app running like a dream, so you can focus on what you do best.  **Hint, its not software development**
The development fee paid up front is used by our team to build your app using our SAAS platform as well as the layering in the experience we have had building apps (200+ now). This translates into a “Done for You” service that results in a stunning mobile app that matches the needs of your audience and the goals you have for it.
Once the app is completed, we publish this to your developer accounts on the respective stores and then help you ensure its an ongoing success.
Benefits of the SAAS approach
The end result application via the SAAS model is an app that costs 15% the cost of a custom built app, with similar features. These sorts of costs put application development outside of the realities for most people looking to use them. Also if you do go down the custom path, they require dedicated teams to ensure they remain functional day to day. To get an idea of how expensive app development can be – check out the following calculator
Ever Evolving
The mobile apps built via The App Match are always on a constant update. This means we can instantly provision new features out to your app in real time. The typical App Match customer has been through two major technology progressions which have all been delivered to them at $0.
This approach allows us to rapidly release an application to your audience at a fraction of the time of 100% custom development.
Why Ongoing Payments?
Your subscription provides you with the tools that make your app possible. This includes;
  1. Dynamic app hosting
  2. App Reports & Analytics
  3. CRM
  4. Push Notification & Geolocation Based Messaging
  5. Bug Fixes & Feature Upgrades
  6. Consultancy from The App Match Team
  7. App Management

For more on this you can explore the following video

Can I leave The App Match?
Like any SAAS service, your access is tied to your subscription and if you cancel this subscription your app will cease to function. However, rather than cancel,  you can also choose to downgrade to the $79/month DIY plan which keeps your m0bile app live and provides you with the access to maintain your app.
What If I have other questions?
Contact us via the Chat on this page or at our support email and we’ll be happy to help
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