The MerryBody Case Study

Emma and Carla, the Merrymaker Sisters quit their full time government desk jobs in 2014 to become business owners and pursue their passion of bringing health and happiness to the lives of others. Since then, they’ve helped over 1.5 million women with their products, services and programs. Here’s how AppMatch has helped them recently with the launch of their MerryBody app.

What is MerryBody?

MerryBody is an amazing yoga, Pilates and meditation online membership that forms part of the Merrymaker Sisters business. Its overall mission is to encourage women to accept their bodies exactly as they are! A huge part of Merrybody is to help people to find love and joy in the way they move, rather than seeing moving as a form of punishment.

What Problems was MerryBody experiencing as a business?

The Merrymaker Sisters found that a significant problem in getting people onto the MerryBody workouts was the amount of time it took users to log in to their desktop or laptop. Their users were looking for a quick, simple and convenient way to access their workouts – having a mobile app would prove to be the perfect solution to this problem.

Did you have any doubts about signing up for AppMatch?

Creating a mobile app was something that stayed in the Merrymaker Sisters’ “ideas bucket” for a while. They were unsure where to begin when it came to making an app. They also worried about the costs associated with creating an app being too high. They considered the venture almost impossible. AppMatch took away all of the fears the Merrymaker Sisters associated with creating a mobile app for MerryBody. It helped them to feel supported in the process and took the hard work away from them. They simply called up, talked about what they wanted, discussed how they wanted the app to look and AppMatch brought their ideas to life!

How Has AppMatch worked for you?

Having a mobile app for Merrybody has worked extremely well for the Merrymaker Sisters’ members. Many of their members don’t even know that there’s a desktop version of MerryBody anymore, because the mobile app works so well for them and they haven’t had to look elsewhere. More people are engaging with MerryBody classes thanks to the easier access that the app provides. The Merrymaker Sisters also use the mobile app themselves, both for workouts and in order to message their members back. It saves them time in running their business and has made things simpler for everyone involved!

If you have any questions about how an app might work for you then we’d be happy to help. Simply contact us to learn more.

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