The App Match Internal Statistics | PWA

The App Match Internal Statistics | PWA

The App Match allows you to see the statistics of the use of your Progressive Web App (PWA). 
This data will allow you to better understand the behavior of your users, and they will give you information on the quantity and type of traffic on your PWA.

Statistics are calculated and updated every 24 hours for the previous day, they are not updated in your back office in real time.

1. Access your statistics

1/ Publish your PWA and launch it.
2/ Allow a day for your statistics to be calculated
3/ Go to the menu Audience > Statistics > Traffic
4/ Click the “Progressive Web App” tab if you’ve subscribed to a native plan.

2. Launches and page views

Every time a user launches your PWA, his action is recorded, as well as the number of pages he opens.
These statistics can be consulted for a given amount of time or in total.

Sessions: The total number of launches during a given period of time. 
Unique sessions: A unique session is logged for all launches by the same user within 24 hours during a given period of time. 
For example, if a user launches your PWA twice a day during a period of time of 7 days, it will count as 14 sessions and 7 unique sessions during the period of time.

3. Visit duration

For each visit duration of your PWA, the number of connections is logged.

4. Top days

This statistic totals the number of page views for each day of the week, and allows you to determine whether activity on your app is particularly frequent on certain days of the week. 
Note: This statistic is only available as a total statistic.

5. Export Data

Click the blue button “Export data” to obtain a .csv file of your PWA statistics.

6. Important

The statistics provided in your The App Match back office are provided for information purposes only.

They have no contractual value. They only aim at providing the general trend regarding your user base. 

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