Remove the gradient effect on images

This tutorial can be applied for any CMS section, we’ll show you how to do it on a Map section as an example.
In your Map’s section, a gradient effect is applied to your images by default.
It is possible to hide this gradient.

You must first activate the API access add-on from the add-on store. 

This option is free with the Full subscription and can be purchased for an additional $4/month with the Standard plans.

1 – Open the left swipe menu of your back office
2 – Click on “Add-Ons”
3 – Click on “Catalogue” in the Add-Ons menu
4 – Scroll down to the bottom of the page
5 – Choose the API Access add-on 
6 – Click on “More info”
7 – Click on the “+” green button to enable it.

The API Access add-on is activated and the JSON tab appears at the top right of the right column of your back office.

1. Add the “hideGradient = 1” property

1- Go to the left swipe menu My app > Design > Sections
2- Click your map section in the right column
3- Click on the JSON tab
4- Search for the “detail” object
5- Click on the + sign next to “detail”
It drops down its content
6- Click on “Add property”* at the bottom of the list under “detail”
7- Fill in the hideGradient property 
8- Click “Ok”
9- Add the value 1 across from the hideGradient property, under the object “detail”
10- Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page

*The link appears if you move the mouse over the bottom of the “detail” list.
A pop-up window appears.

2. Update the JSON modification

1- Open the left swipe menu of your back office
2- Click on Publish > Update
3- Click on “Changelog” in the Update menu (native offer)
4- Click the green button “Update” in the Settings tab

The next time the app is launched, the gradient effect will be gone.

If you choose to hide the gradient in your CMS Map section, the distance on the point picture will be less visible.

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