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You can connect an external photo source to your app.

  • Go to My app> Content> Sections
  • Select “+Add a new section” (check also how to create sections for your app)
  • Choose one of the available services to display your photos.

Note: If you have technical skills, you can also use the photo source Custom Photos. This option is for developers only . For more information, please read about creating custom feeds 

1. Available external sources

You can choose between 4 types of external sources:

– Flickr
– Facebook Photos
– WMaker Photos
– Customized source – Photos

As a general rule, remember that the source will only show in the app the content you have uploaded yourself, not the content initially uploaded by some users and marked as favorite on your website.
If you don’t have content of your own in your account, the source won’t be able to connect in the backend.

2. Connect Facebook photos

1- Fill-in a title for the section
2- Fill-in the URL of the source: http://www.facebook.com/myaccount/photos (replace myaccount by the ID of your Facebook page). 

3. Connect a Flickr gallery

1- Fill-in a title for the section
2- Enter your Username (screen name) or Flickr ID. 
If you are a Flickr user, you probably know it: it is what identifies you in the URL of your profile.

If the username doesn’t work, paste the URL of your Flickr page in http://idgettr.com (or any other similar service) and get your Flickr user ID number. Then enter this Flickr ID in your back office. 

4. Connect the gallery of a WMaker website

1- Fill-in a title for the section
2- Fill in the URL of your WMaker website
3- Fill in your Account ID
4- Fill in your Password

5. Connect a custom feed (customized source – Photos)

1- Fill in the title of the section
2- Paste your custom URL feed in the field Settings.

Warning: Make sure your custom feed respects the specifications of the Content API.

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