Export content created in The App Match (CMS Content)

You can receive an export file of the contents created with our internal Content Management System(CMS) on request from the support team. 

1. Sections you can export

Here are the types of CMS sections that can be exported:

  • Article
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Map
  • Event
  • Sound

Other sections:

  • Couponing
  • About

The Form, HTML, and Plugin sections are not part of the content export as described in this document.
For these sections, you can download the files directly from the section itself. 

2. Formats

The export is created on a zip file that contains a folder of each type of item.
Each folder contains one or several numbered JSON files (1.json, 2.json, … 50.json) gathering up to a 100 max.

Example of zip file content:


3. Customize the export

When you request a content export, make sure to let our team know precisely what you wish to export:

  • All the articles from a section (provide the backend URL of that section).
  • All the content of a specific type (ex: all the CMS blog articles, all the CMS maps points, etc.)
  • All of the CMS content (all articles, videos, photos, maps, events, sounds)
  • Couponing
  • All the content of an About section

Warning:  If the project is deactivated, the export of these files will only be available within the 45 days following the deactivation.
After 45 days, all files will be completely deleted on our servers and links related to images or attachments will be lost.

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