Content Management System (CMS) sections

1. Add CMS sections

CMS sections allow you to create and manage your content directly from the back office.

Add a new CMS section : 
1. In the left swipe menu go to My App > Content > Sections
2. Click the green button “Add a section” from the right column  
3. Select the type of CMS section:
– Blog for articles
– Gallery for photos
– Web TV for videos
– Map for locations
– Calendar for events
– Podcasts for audio files

2. Create your content

Depending on the chosen type of CMS section, you will be able to add specific content.
All CMS sections, except for the Gallery are made of a title plus different paragraphs (text, image, video embed etc..)

You can manage the layout of your paragraphs using these different tools:

1. Bold, Italic, Underlined
2. Paragraph alignment
3. Color and highlight color
4. Quotes, bullets…
5. Paragraph format
6. Creating a table or separating line
7. Full page display
8. Adding a link (to an external URL or another page in the application), deleting a link
9. Icon source in the toolbar allows you to enter the HTML code that will be read by your app. The entire paragraph will be in HTML format. 
10. Delete the formatting.

– Click the green button “Add an element” to add a text paragraph, a photo, a video, a quote, or a video code embed*
*The Embed option is made only for video embeds. 
For other types of embeds, use a Text paragraph and select the Source button, then paste the HTML embed.
More detailed information in the online help on how to create links and embeds.

3. Info Tab

1. Go to the the right column and click the tab “Info” 
2. Select the section or category where your item will appear in the app*
One same item can be displayed in different sections or categories displaying the same type of content
In this example, the article will be displayed in the section Before you go (All categories) and also in the category 2.

3. Select the author of the item from the members of your team, or select the option “Free author” to enter a name manually. 
4. Set the date displayed in the item’s page. 
5. Optional: Pin this item at the top of the list in the sections and categories where it is published*

6. Set the thumbnail for your item (you must add a picture in your item for this option to be available) 
7. Optional: write a summary, which will appear on the list view of your items*
8. Activate or deactivate the comments on this particular item
9. Optional: attach a PDF file*

*Options can differ depending on the type of CMS section you’re setting.

4. SEO Tab

1. Edit the slug  of your item page
2. Edit default title tag  of your item page
3. Edit default meta description tag  of your item page

5. Publication status

Click the arrow on the green button, at the bottom right of the writing form to set the publication status of your items: 

-Publish: Your article will be visible immediately to your users. 
-Draft: Your article will be saved but not visible to your users. 
-Not published: Your article will be saved but not visible to your users. This status can be useful to inform your team members that an article must be reviewed before publication.   
-Delay*: The publication of your article will be scheduled for the time and date you set

*Depending on the type of section, this status may not be available

6. Manage your CMS content

To access your CMS content list:

1. Go to the menu My App > Content > Content List
2. Go to the menu My App > Content > Section
3. Click the 3 dots next to the section involved
4. Click “Edit the content”

7. Search items from the Content list

Go to the menu My App > Content > Content List  
1. Use the drop down menus to search for your content:- Type of content: select the type of items you’re searching for (articles, videos, photos, sounds, maps, forms, submitted content, contact page or events).
– Sections: 
– Categories: you can select here the categories of the sections involved. 
– Filters: display content depending on their publication status and/ or author. 
– Search bar: search keywords in the titles of your content.
2. Organize your content*:- alphabetically by clicking on Title
– by publication status by clicking on Status
– by date by clicking on Date
*If you have pinned articles, they will stay at the top of the list while the rest of the content will be reorganized. 
3. Use the search field to search by text within the titles of your items

8. Edit your items from content list

1. Go to the menu My App > Content > Content List    
2. Check the boxes next to your item to:
– move one or several items to a different section or category
–  change their publication status
– delete them in bulk
3. Click OK to confirm your choice. 

Edit the publication status of 1 item from the content list:
1. Go to the menu My App > Content > Content List     
2. Search for your item 
3. Click on the current publication status to change it.

9. Create new item

From the content list:
1. Go to the menu My App > Content > Content List      
2. Select the type of content
3. Click the green button +ADD

From the Section:
1. Go to the menu My App > Content > Section
2. Click the 3 dots next to your section
3. Click “Edit content”
4. Click the green button to add items at the top right of the screen

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