Repacking Old Content: Transforming eBooks into Engaging Apps

Does your content feel like it’s collecting dust? Are you struggling to monetize your existing products, like eBooks or digital courses? You’re not alone. Many content creators face the same problem. Fortunately, there’s a solution that can help you tap into a new revenue stream and revitalize your content. It’s called app repackaging, and it’s brought to you by the innovative platform,

What is App Repackaging?

App repackaging is a transformative process where your existing content is reformatted and enhanced for a mobile app. Imagine your eBook of recipes, instead of sitting on a virtual bookshelf, becomes an interactive, user-friendly mobile app. Users can easily search, filter, and save recipes at their fingertips. This is app repackaging, and it’s a game-changer.

Jules’ One-Time Purchase App: The Stonesoup Story

Jules Clancy, founder of Stonesoup, had a wealth of content centered around her unique concept of six-ingredient dinners. Despite having a popular blog, eBooks, and a membership website, Jules knew her customers needed more – a solution to their last-minute cooking dilemma. With the help of, Jules repurposed her existing content into an interactive, user-friendly app. This one-time purchase app not only served as a go-to resource for her audience but also revitalized her content, providing a new revenue stream.

Jarrod’s Recurring Subscription App: The PE Games Transformation

While Jules found success with a one-time purchase model, Jarrod Robinson, founder of and creator of the PE Games app, leveraged a recurring subscription model. The PE Games app, initially a one-time purchase, was transformed into a freemium app offering basic resources for free with a premium upgrade via an in-app subscription. This included AI tools for classroom usage, adding ongoing value for users and creating a recurring stream of income for Jarrod.

Whether through a one-time purchase model like Jules or a recurring subscription model like Jarrod, the potential for revitalizing your content and unlocking new revenue streams is substantial.

Ready to breathe new life into your existing content? Take the first step on your own app journey today by booking a discovery call with Jarrod. At, we match you to the perfect app solution by exploring your existing content and identifying ways to repackage and monetize it effectively. Let us help you turn your content into an engaging, user-friendly app that not only serves your audience better but also provides you with fresh revenue opportunities.

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