The RockStar Mind Case Study

One of the great things about life here at App Match is getting to work with some pretty amazing people, none more so than Steve Mastroianni, the talent behind RockStar Mind.

We recently spoke to Steve about why he loves using App Match and how it helps his business develop and thrive. 

Who is Steve Mastroianni? 

Steve Mastroianni (aka VØID) lives in Toronto, Canada, and is the creator of PRACTICE LESS, PLAY MORE! A system that teaches people how to play songs they love on the guitar from their very first lesson.  He makes the complex world of guitar playing simple so you can gain the confidence of a rockstar. 

Steve knows what he’s talking about too, he has taught hundreds of guitarists, all while opening for some of the world’s top rock bands such as KISS, Hinder and Finger Eleven.  His fans include Gene Simmons of KISS, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

App Match provides businesses with an online platform

It’s crucial to build an online platform for your audience.  It’s important for new business and communicating with your existing members. Steve says that the app “has become a really really important part of my business.”

With social media algorithms changing frequently and social media companies frequently closing accounts if they believe you have breached their terms.  App Match allows you to build your own platform and build your own community. 

The feature-rich design gives a professional edge

Steve is a huge fan of how professional and packed with features App Match is “you’re going to be blown away with all the features”.  In particular, the unlimited push notifications are vital to connecting with his users, “people have their phone all day” he comments, and push notifications are the best way to reach them. 

App Match is feature-rich right out of the box, meaning you won’t have to pay extra for every added functionality. 

“This isn’t my first app but it’s my first app with App Match. I was a little bit skeptical, having a DIY builder, where usually there are limitations or something might look super cheesy, or functionality wouldn’t really be there, but I was just blown away”. 

Upload content on the go

In addition to his guitar lessons, Steve also produces a podcast for his users. Before using App Match, he would need to wait until he had the time to be in the studio, record the app, edit and publish it.  He just didn’t have the time.  Now, he simply records his podcasts on the go with his mobile phone, uploading them directly to the app.  No laptop or complicated equipment needed. 

Save money on professional app development fees

Steve knows how easy it is to spend a lot of money on a custom-designed app, but the great value pricing that App Match offers is one of the things that attracted Steve to the platform and the feature-rich builder has made him stay. 

“The price that they’re offering this is ridiculous, you’ve got to take advantage of it.” 

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