Cap’n Pete’s Power PE Case Study

We have been able to support many business owners over the years, helping them create apps that can showcase the content they want to present to their clients and customers. In this case study, we want to introduce you to Pete Charette, a physical education specialist who needed our help to create a mobile app that could benefit gym teachers and the lessons they teach to the students in their care. 

What Is Power PE?

Power PE was founded by business owner Pete Charette, a physical education specialist with over 30 years of experience in this area. Through his guise as Cap’n Pete, he provides an online treasure trove of top quality physical education activities and health resources through his website. These are primarily used by teachers who are as keen as Pete is to support the health and fitness of students today. With game ideas, assessment worksheets, and a wide range of other resources, Pete’s website is the go-to place for any teacher looking for teaching aids and inspiration for their lessons. 

What Inspired Pete To Create An App?

Pete’s business started about eight years ago when Pete noticed there was a lack of resources online for physical education teachers such as himself. There was a lack of things to put on his gym walls as visual aids, so he decided to create his own visuals for instructional purposes. Although he is retired from teaching now, he still wants to help others within the profession, which is why he developed his website. Going one step further, Pete wanted to create something that teachers could get a hold of easily in their gyms and classrooms, which is when the idea of creating an app came to mind. 

Creating An App for Power PE

At first, it was difficult for Pete to conceptualise what kind of an app physical education teachers might be able to use, and how to set something up. It took him a while, but he got there eventually, with the help The App Match provides to bring the ideas of business owners to life. He now has something that can help teachers in the units they teach, to compliment the services he provides on his website. 

The App Has Been A Big Hit

In just over a month and a half, Pete’s apps have had over 900 downloads. He told us in the first week alone, after doing a social media promo for his app, he had around 600 downloads during that time. He said “I’ve been able to take some of my stuff and repurpose it in a way that I could never do before using this app,” so it has clearly worked out well for both him and the teachers he serves. Through the app, he said he has had the opportunity to “get some of my material out to people that I couldn’t do through my other methods that I’ve used before.” The downloads are evidence of this, as the app has been used around the world, including Australia, the UK, Canada, the United States, and even India.

If you’re interested in experiencing the same results for your business – reach out the the team at The App Match. We’d love to help!

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