LearnDash Course Stats Plugin

Recently we completed development of a simple, yet powerful WordPress plugin that would enable us to showcase a variety of LearnDash related statistics to the end user.

Course Stats

The plugin provides course creators with additional short code functionality making it possible to highlight the following

  • % of courses completed
  • Number of certificates earned
  • Number of certificates earned in specific category

The general format of the short code is as follows, where type can be either “certs”, “percent” or “category”

the shortcodes have the form [learndash-stats type="" category=""]

Showing % of courses completed

The following below displays the number of certificates issued to user as a percentage of the total number of courses available

[learndash-stats type="percent"]

Showing total number of certificates earned

The following displays the total number of certificates issued to user:

[learndash-stats type="certs"]

Showing total number of certificates for specific categories

The following would display number of certificates issued to user for courses in the category “teaching”

[learndash-stats type="category" category="teaching"] 

This functionality was brought about by a desire to gamify the course completion experience for a member site and encourage users to make their way through all of the available content.

Download your FREE copy of the plugin below

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