Repurposing a PDF Into an App

Repurposing your content is a genius way to bring back old ideas and make them fresh again. Some people may wonder why you want to bring back the older content, but the real question is why wouldn’t  you want to? Sometimes, content gets lost in the depths of the blogs and websites that you have, and when you repurpose the content you are adding value all over again. You can tighten the message that you are putting out there to your customers and you can bring back the message that made you popular with your followers in the first place.

There is no question that producing content regularly is going to drive value for your business, but what is repurposing content? Why is it so valuable? Let’s explore it in more detail!

Repurposing Content & It’s Value

There are two things that you are doing when you repurpose content:

  • Changing the format (IGTV videos into a podcast, for example)
  • Changing the target audience

You could take a series of blog posts that you spent time on and turn them into a comprehensive ebook. Or, you could take PDF “how to” documents and turn them into interactive mobile app pages. These are great examples of editing the format of your documents, and with a new delivery, you get interested customers anew, while also achieving renewed interest from older customers.

When it comes to changing the target audience, perhaps business owners have noticed a new surge in a different age group. Sometimes, the newer customer can benefit from the old content being repurposed, especially if it’s long buried in the depths of your blog or website. The best thing that you can do is to repurpose your content and breathe new life into it.

But how?

4 Ways To Repurpose Content

There are plenty of ways that you can repurpose old content, and if there is one thing that is common among all of these options, it’s that they add value to your original content. The whole purpose behind bringing back the old content is to add value to it and impress the customers. So, let’s take a look at four different ways that you can repurpose your old content into something better.

Choose New Blog Posts

You can take a blog post that you have written and give it its own spinoff. Think about how it works with TV shows: Friends had Joey. Cheers had Frasier. All excellent TV shows, all had an original and they were all repurposed with spinoffs.

Think about how you can apply the same thinking to your blog content. The blog content of the highest quality can always breed excellent quality repurposed content. The audience doesn’t just get a carbon copy of the original, but an updated version. 

An audience can benefit from high quality content, and the best example of this is converting a listicle that you once wrote into a series of weekly blog posts covering each list item in more depth. You can then highlight each original point you made, expanding on the details and add more information. This thickens out the informaiton and offers better value to your customers! 

Present Your Ideas

If you have previous posts filled with quotes, statistics and advice, you can make these into a seamlessly moving presentation. It gives you the chance to recap your original content and share them to social media. This gives you more opportunity for engagement, as people are far more interested in interactive posts than they are static blogs of text. 

It’s not that your blogs are a problem; it’s that they can be boring to look at. Changing up your content to give people something to scroll through can make a huge difference. There are plenty of online editing programs that allow you to create slides, and Canva is one of them. 

Infographic Development

Condensing your information into infographics can be an excellent way to repurpose your content. It summarizes the points you are making in a way that is easy to read, fun to read and makes a difference to the way the information is received. By providing a complete summary of your content, you can post a visual outline that appeals to those who want a quick way to read and retain information.

Thankfully, you can use plenty of online programs to create infographics, which is excellent for those who are not designers.

Refresh & Publish

Scroll back through your blogs and vlogs, and read through the ones with the information you want to reintroduce. They may be filled with old and outdated ideas, but that is the beauty of repurposing – you can edit them to fit the ideas of today, and you can even keep in the original ideas and facts as a way to show the changes that have come about over the years.

Repurposing PDF Content Into A Mobile App

Your website may be littered with PDF content that you have no idea how to repurpose and refresh. The thing is, most people don’t know that you can actually make your PDFs interactive. As it stands, a PDF document can’t handle additional media; you can’t add GIFs to a PDF, for example, and when you want to break up static text, GIFs and embedded video can help. When you repurpose PDF content into an app, you can add these things, improving the user experience and improving the information that you are putting out in the world.

To see it happen in action, here are some examples of clients who have repurposed PDFs into a mobile app to offer better value to their customers.

Simple Green Smoothies

Simple Green Smoothies is all about healthy smoothies – but more than that, they have a passion for health and wellbeing. For their app, they repurposed their static PDF recipes and input them to allow people to find their recipes and save them into shopping lists. The technology allows them to separate the ingredients and add them to a list to buy.

CPD Health Courses

This is a growing business that train 1200 students per year, and this requires a lot of training manuals! The problem with training manuals is that they are rarely interesting. However, CPD Health Courses took those training manuals and created interactive documents that encourage faster learning.

The PE Geek ‘s Balance It App

PE teachers teach their students in an active way, so it makes sense that the PDF lesson plans with The PE Geek were turned into a simple mobile app that is interactive. It worked so well as a shareable document that they hit 100,000 downloads of the app!

So my question for you is, what PDF content are you sitting on that could be turned into an app? Get in touch via the live chat and we can help you brainstorm the possibilities and bring this to life.

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