Inside Tour of a LearnDash Mobile App

Over the last few years we’ve helped build 100s of mobile apps spanning many different niche’s and content types. However, more recently we’ve seen an influx in people seeking us out to turn their LearnDash based websites into fully fledged mobile apps.

A well designed mobile website is fantastic for being responsive, but a in our experiences mobile apps can take this further. You can read on this topic in one of our posts here.

However, with this in mind you might be wondering how they work – so we thought it would be best to take you on an inside tour of one of our LearnDash based mobile apps ‘ConnectedPE’.

See the app in action in the video tour below

What WordPress plugins is the app using? (Besides LearnDash)


One of the powerful membership plugins that allows to you offer varying levels of access to your content. We use this plugin to control which pages, courses and content people can see inside of the app & website. It’s important to note that any membership plugin could replace this role.


The absolute leader in gamification in WordPress. We use this in app to create badges, leaderboards and incentives that lead users to engage and pursue their learning.

Popular Posts

This plugin makes it possible for us to showcase a series of the most popular courses on the apps homepage.


A powerful community plugin, which makes it possible for the app to offer a robust group discussion around specific topics and themes.

To learn more about getting your own LearnDash site converted into a mobile app you can visit . Download one of the demo apps, or contact us via the live chat – we’d be more than happy to help!

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