Why your LearnDash site needs an app!

As you may already be aware, mobile websites have come on in leaps and bounds, being an excellent tool for course delivery. You have most likely been in the depths of dealing with website responsiveness for some time now and wondering how you can do better for your students. The good news is that there is a better way to deliver your course – a much more powerful way than your mobile website.

A mobile app can do so much more than you think. You have a LearnDash site for a good reason: to ensure that you can offer an adjusted website that your users can enjoy without delays or difficulty. Mobile websites are fantastic for being responsive, but a mobile app can do better. Mobile sites are convenient, easy to use, and give you some insight into the needs of your students. And yet, a mobile app can do better. Do you see where we’re going here?

Your LearnDash site is already efficient and delivering the right content, but that means that it’s time for you to step it up and give your customers something more. 

The Difference Between A Mobile App & Website

You likely have a smartphone of your own, so you know that a mobile website is very much a basic version of a desktop site. There is so much on a desktop site that can’t be included on a mobile website homepage, such as videos and animations. However, with an app, you can use a comprehensive piece of software that has everything that you need to run your course. Not only that, but you can update your app, and it will update the app on every phone for every customer. Convenient, right? 

Why You Need A LearnDash App

So, now you know the differences, let’s take a look at the main reasons that your LearnDash users should have a mobile app.

Reduce Churn

Mobile apps are far more comfortable for customers to access than a mobile website. They offer a better user experience, which makes it less likely that people will delete your app. A mobile app can reduce customer churn in the LearnDash courses because they are more convenient to use, and when you calculate your churn rate, you can reduce it! A LearnDash mobile app has a value from the moment it is downloaded, and it also could off your customers a fantastic first experience. Once you have these nailed, you can reduce churn and increase retention.

User Preference

There is plenty of research to show that your customers will spend 90% of their time on their smartphones using apps. If you don’t have an app, you are losing out on a big slice of customer pie. So, this means that you need to have a gateway that your customers are going to prefer – a LearnDash app is the answer. The user experience should be your focus, and you can offer your customers a much better experience with a LearnDash app than by relying on your mobile website. 

Reduced Distractions

When you choose to build your online course, you did so because you want people to be able to improve themselves. The problem is that smartphones bring distractions, especially when using a mobile website. Tabs remaining open slow down a smartphone, and alongside this, it can lead to distraction from learning. When your users install a LearnDash-based app, you’ll be able to control that experience and ensure that only one app remains open at a time. Not only will this reduce distractions, but it will improve productivity in learning! Reduce as many distractions as you can for learners, and their self-improvement will be excellent.

Support Offline

Some people think that we rely on the internet all too much these days, and yet it’s become one of the essential parts of modern life. When we don’t have the internet, we are without the information we need when we need it – as in, immediately! You can’t control whether your customers have access to the internet, but you can control whether they have access to a mobile app and adequate offline support. When the internet goes down, the result is an interruption in learning for those using your courses, and as a business, you don’t want this!

A mobile app can ensure that there is less of a chance of this happening, as your customers won’t need to be connected for it to work. They can use the app when they need it, gaining access to learning resources, whether they are online or not. 

Push Notifications

Notifications are excellent prompts for your customers for courses, helping them to move toward completion and improving engagement. Whenever the app is updated, you can let customers know. You can also inform them of any changes to courses and keep your customers informed. This may seem like simple manners when you are in charge of an app, but it’s really an excellent way to ensure that you keep your audience as engaged as possible. Push notifications are powerful for your business, and when you have them enabled on your LearnDash app, you will be able to improve your course completion rates.

Customers need to feel motivated to remain productive, and they are excellent tools for improving click rates to your business website through the app. Add a call to action in your push notifications, and you can really continue to engage and re-engage with your audience. This kind of engagement is what keeps people encouraged and willing to learn more. 

To learn more about getting your own LearnDash site converted into a mobile app you can visit https://theappmatch.com/learnr/ . Download one of the demo apps, or contact us via the live chat – we’d be more than happy to help!

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