Viral Messenger Marketing & 80%+ Open Rates

Learn how The App Match helped The PE Geek add a new viral marketing channel to his business which resulted in 80%+ open rates.

Over the last few months The App Match has been helping a number of people leverage the incredible opportunities made possible by marketing through Facebook Messenger.  Here’s a quick overview of a recent campaign we co-ordinated for which led to 380 subscribers in 24hours.

The Process

1. Posted a message to the Facebook Page asking people to comment “Jump” if they wanted a PDF resource sent to them.

2. When they comment they get an instant message on Facebook messenger from our page asking them to confirm that they want it.  This process works as a double optin and ensures that people who reply actually want the lead magnet we’re offering. A simple ‘yes’ at this step moved people onto the next step.

3. Once replied they are immediately sent a follow up message with the PDF resource.

4. After 24 hours of high engagement from our page, we had converted 380 people into our messenger subscribers list. A conversion rate of 74% from those people who commented with they keyword ‘Jump’ to full subscriber via the double optin method.

5. The most impressive aspect of messenger marketing is the mind blowing open & click through rates on messages. Which simply have to be seen to be believed.

As you can see from the above, we we’re able to organically take Facebook page fans and add them to a subscriber list which had ridiculous open and click through rates. Best of all these people are now on our general broadcast list which we can use as we please.

It’s nothing short of incredible & if you’re not leveraging this you’re missing out.

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