How The App Match Helped Brenton Ford Reach More People with His Unique Content

Learn how The App Match helped Brenton Ford get all of his content into one simple and powerful app. Now, swimmers from around the world can get Brenton’s help with just the swipe of a finger.

Brenton Ford and Effortless Swimming

Effortless Swimming takes the techniques, drills, and training of high-level swimmers and makes them available to swimmers of all levels. They do this by providing their users with practical online courses, informative blog articles, and podcasts.

With an extensive swimming background, Brenton Ford has a whole history of accolades and experience. While Brenton creates the bulk of the programming, other high performing athletes also contribute to his content giving Effortless Swimming’s resources and content a wide variety of options and methods.

Any type of swimmer, no matter the commitment level, can find something to suit them.

What makes Brenton Ford and his team at ES different is their focus on perfecting their customers’ swimming performance. In the battle to beat your best, fitness alone can only take you so far.

Any swimmer that wants to take their performance to the next level, has got to apply techniques and specific drills to hone the right habits. This gives them that extra edge and a leg-up on the competition.

Brenton Ford swimming

Not only is swimming in his blood but Brenton’s passion for coaching has helped hundreds. Read his whole story!

“We help triathletes and swimmers become faster and more efficient in the water through online coaching, clinics, and maps.”

Why Did Brenton Go with an App?

Brenton Ford’s Effortless Swimming has a platoon of various and valuable content. So, why use an app?

One app can put all of ES’s free content in one place for customers and fans alike to easily access in a single location. Before the app, Brenton says that all of their content was scattered a bit everywhere—from the website to the podcasts to all of their social media platforms.

The Effortless Swimming app allows a user to browse through all of the latest videos, podcasts, and events in one place.

Apps are great for efficiently bringing all content together from various platforms.

With Facebook alone, you’re fed the latest experiences and testimonials from ES users as well as current and upcoming events. ES’s Instagram page showcases pictures from happy customers with inspirational images and quotes from other swimmers.

Combining social media platforms alone is reason enough to get an app dedicated to streamlining content.

social media platforms

The ES website also carries a huge database of blog posts, success stories and testimonials, free tips, and information on the various courses and clinics available for users. Imagine all this information you need right at your fingertips.

With this in mind, Brenton wanted to make the process of browsing and selecting content seamless for membership owners.

The App Match integrated ES’s needs in a single app. All while using ES’s current setup and software, the App Match made an app that wouldn’t require any added steps or requirements to use on the members’ part.

Someone who is subscribed to your app no doubt is exposed to your content more often and more consistently. Compare that to someone who’d have to make their way to your site every time they remember or have time to check it out.

You’ll definitely get much more customer loyalty from a subscriber!

On your members’ end, they have easy access to what they want and will become more and more familiar with your content and style. This makes them more likely to buy and appreciate your valuable content now and in the future.

This a definite win-win.

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About Brenton’s Effortless Swimming App

Remember that long list of internet platforms in which you can spread and market your content (i.e. social media, blogs, podcasts, etc.)? The App Match was able to synthesize all of these media outlets for Effortless Swimming automatically.

Whenever new content is released, members—and, that’s thousands of users around the world for Brenton Ford!—get a notification.

They can always keep up with what’s new, even if it’s just a quick glance. If your users know you always have new and valuable content being published, they’ll see you as a viable resource they can always come back to.

Added to that, they know they can reach you right at their fingertips without the need to visit any extra web pages to find you. Your notifications can immediately let them know what you’ve published.

Brenton Ford’s ES app also allows his customers and fans to listen to podcasts directly from the app. There’s no need to go through a third party provider like Apple or Stitcher. With none of the extra steps, users can directly and easily access Effortless Swimming’s audio content.

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Also, giving an incentive to download your app definitely makes for more users!

The way ES goes about offering incentives is by placing a banner on the site as people are browsing through it on their phones. The banner encourages them to download the app by offering to include their name in a raffle for a free gift. Brenton also includes this banner throughout ES’s social media.

Once your prospective browsers get the app, you can then work to earn trust by giving them value. A single download can bring you that much closer to loyal and happy customers.

Brenton Ford’s Experience Working with Jarrod and The App Match Team

When working with The App Match to create the perfect app for Effortless Swimming and their users, Brenton Ford simply had to send Jarrod what information they had on their operating systems as well as what they were looking to accomplish.

It took a simple initial consultation call between Jarrod and Brenton to get the ball rolling. Jarrod was right away able to send a few templates that he thought could work and that Brenton would like.

Brenton actually selected a few different components from each of the templates. Talk about a really customizable product and personalized experience. The App Match created ES’s very own unique app.

And, voilà! The Effortless Swimming app was created.

App development is quite extensive and usually carries various stages to its development. Needless to say, it can get pricey… But, Brenton was able to budget this project with Jarrod as The App Match simply offered a flat rate.

“This is unheard of in app development.” -Brenton Ford

Brenton Ford

With The App Match, Brenton only had to provide what he evidently already knew about his membership setup and software as well as what he envisioned for his company. No need to veer off into the unknown of app development.

That’s where The App Match came into play. Jarrod and his team were able to create an app that best suits Effortless Swimming and its followers.

Everything they need – all in one app.

If you want to bring an App to life for your audience, sign up to The App Match and make it happen.

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