How to Take Your Podcast to the Next Level with a Dedicated Mobile App

Looking for ways to maximize your podcast’s potential? Keep reading to learn how to use a dedicated mobile app to take your podcast to the next level.

There’s no doubt that you’ve already heard all about podcasts. You’ve probably subscribed to a few yourself.

Podcasts might be your go-to when you’re looking to deepen your knowledge about a certain business skill or practice. You might even have some podcasts handy when you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam or doing passive paperwork or at your computer.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve, by now, racked up a list of shows that you’ve been meaning to get to and will most definitely listen to…sometime soon—no, really!

We’re a society that has become experts at consuming, whether it be music, food, knowledge, or podcasts (check out these US and Australian podcast statistics. They might just surprise you).

Have you ever thought about creating a podcast yourself?

Have you ever actually considered the potential your business could achieve if you created your own podcast and incorporated it into your services?

You’ve likely already begun to think about how you can build a valuable podcast. Or, maybe it seems too complicated right now to even consider.

But, did you know that one of the easiest ways to have your podcast grow your business is through a dedicated mobile app? A fairly simple idea, right?

Let’s take a look at the power of incorporating both the podcast and the app into your business. Each on their own is absolutely beneficial but together they make one powerfully effective team.

The Power of the Podcast


Just to give you an idea of how powerful podcasts already are, iTunes enjoyed some attention when it hit 1 billion podcast subscriptions back in 2013. In fact, mentioned that iTunes actually eclipsed that number.

Subscriptions may not reveal anything in the way of actual listeners—we all have subscriptions that we don’t take advantage of, or that we even completely forget about.

But, this does go to show you how popular of a medium podcasting is. And, despite this, this tool is still one of the least used for leveraging a business.

What does this signify? That there’s room for growth, and we’re talking about you and your business.

This decade-old tool has so many benefits from a business point-of-view as well as from a standpoint of convenience, necessity, or simple personal development.

There are so many pros to using podcasts over other marketing mediums as well. Listening can be done while driving, or even while doing chores (oddly enough, we seem to procrastinate less with the dishes and laundry when we have a nice lineup of podcast shows at the ready).

You can’t do this with a blog post. Not to mention that, with posts, there’s always the opportunity for your reader to click away from your site if they’re distracted by the cute bikini or new car that pops up in your ads.

The podcast has an uncanny way of keeping you engaged simply because of the fact you’re hearing someone’s voice. A connection is made more easily when someone hears you laugh. During an interview, a listener can feel right in the room with you and your guest when you yourself are making a connection.

In this way, podcasts become more interactive than blog posts. Blogs have their place too—don’t get us wrong…I mean, you are reading this, right? But, adding a podcast to your marketing platform can do wonders for your customer loyalty and growth.

A podcast is also an effective way of capturing new and varying audiences that you wouldn’t have otherwise attracted. With this, you can then lead these newcomers to your sales funnels with much more ease than you would have had you not set up a podcast.

So, it’s understood–podcasting is a powerful medium and there’s room for growth. Now, how can an app help you leverage that potential growth and influence?

The Power of a Dedicated Mobile App

Take The PE Geek app, for example. People who download the app get instant access to all new technologies that are coming out of the physical education world right at their fingertips.

For over 4 years this mobile app has been a winning strategy that has received over 130,000 downloads from prospective customers and fans, empowering the blog and its content to reach new levels.

The PE Geek app

Users get all of the latest posts and all of our video tutorials. They can also get access to various types of resources. Not to mention, they can directly access The PE Geek Podcast from the app—no need to click or go elsewhere.

Basically, this app is a single and simple gateway to all of the PE Geek’s content. You yourself probably have all of your favorite content right in the palm of your hand whenever you need it.

Why? Because it’s convenient and efficient. An app is a powerful marketing tool. Having a mobile app dedicated to your podcast can ensure your customers get easy and immediate access to all of your content.

You certainly know what kind of effect a podcast can have on your business. Now, imagine if that podcast were as simple to access as a swipe in your very own app?

mobile app

Putting the Podcast and the App Together

Be it our Millennial era and our bent toward instant gratification, easy access to content makes for a happier customer. A happier customer is more open to recognizing and buying your value.

This is the power of using an app to take your podcast (or any part of your business, for that matter) to the next level. When a podcast is easily accessible and a listener can instantly tune in or be alerted to the next show, that listener is more likely to be a constant audience member.

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No waiting. No extra steps or pages to log into.

That being said, getting the actual app should be just as simple and quick as being able to use it. This is where a single and valuable CTA (Call-to-Action) comes in.

But, using CTAs aren’t enough to prompt your users to act. A single CTA must also be effective.

The proper use of CTAs can entice your client to take the next step with you even though they might not have realized they wanted to at first.

The goal of a CTA is to address the prospective customer’s need. Make the CTA relatable and useful and packed with value. You want your lead saying:

“Oh, why don’t I learn more about this?”

“Hey, this is exactly what I was wondering about the other day!

When they find themselves a single click away from accessing a solution, they’ll be more inclined to stay.

Accessing you and your content should be seamless. The easier it is for your client to act, the quicker they can be exposed to your content.

Push Notifications

An important factor in creating your app is using “push notifications” which will expose users to your podcast that much more effectively.

Push notifications are fairly straightforward; they are basically messages that pop up on your phone like SMS text messages. They are great for alerting your users about upcoming podcast shows, when these shows are about to go live, or when you can listen to the recordings, etc.

These are all great benefits for the user.

In the PE Geek Mobile app, the listeners and future listeners are alerted to new episodes as they happen via a simple push notification sent to their device. This notification when tapped takes the user straight back into the app & plays the episode instantly, cutting down the normal friction associated with the podcasting platform.

The PE Geek

When things are easy to access, it’s easier for them to engage with your content and prospective clients to quickly figure out what serves them—they’ll want to keep coming back for what they like best.

There are so many tools you can use to leverage your marketing in business. A dedicated mobile app for your podcast is simply one–a powerful one, no less.

When you provide valuable content, make sure it’s easy for your potential audience to find you and have access to you. Having the greatest content in the world wouldn’t matter if people found it difficult or long to access.

A dedicated mobile app can make listening to a podcast easy and that much more enjoyable. When people enjoy what they’re experiencing, no doubt, they tend to come back.

Want Some Little Help Getting Started?

Creating and launching your first app can be scary. But that’s why we’re here.

Check out The App Match services where we help you refine your app idea, manage the development process, and launch your app to success.

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