Leveraging Low Competition on the App Stores

One of the biggest opportunities for business owners & content producers exists in leveraging the low competition that exists in the various mobile app stores. In this short video from my talk at SFB in 2017, I share an example of a niche mobile app that takes advantage of this.

What’s the Big Lesson?

As a business owner or content producer you have an opportunity to take advantage of the low competition & differentiate yourself from the competition. Combine this with all of the other reasons why you should bring an app to life & it becomes a no brainer.

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Read the Transcription

[00:00:01] This is a no brainer for me. And the fact that low competition is is present in this space makes it really good for people in certain niches to go into that market and sort of build it up to suit it and to give you an example. There are four point six billion websites online and you probably all have a presence. You’ve got a Web site.

You’re all in that amount of four point six billion websites. And you know how many apps there are on just the Apple store. Do you think it’s four point six billion. No it’s actually two point two million. So just by the sheer fact that there’s way less means that for people who are quick which is now you can actually build up an opportunity to get you know right in front of your audience in the niche or whatever it is that you serve.

And I’ve seen apps in all of these different spaces. So what does it actually look like in a real example. Well like I mentioned I surface ed teachers. So if I go to Google and type in physical education that’s 159 million results that come up. So pretty difficult to sort of rank on those terms that my customers might use we think happens if I go to the App Store and do it. The only 150 million apps that appear. No. And it’s no surprise that my app my first two there are mine appear as number one across the entire App Store and I have done so since it was first release. So my prospects going they’re searching physical education they’re going to appear.

[00:01:29] I encourage you when you get a chance to go into your app store whether it’s Google Apple and search your niche. Some in that you have customers in and see what comes up. This gets even better though. So if I search something more specific PE teacher led a million results come up in Google. If I go into the app store. I actually have the whole top 10.

I’m not in the top 10. The whole top ten is made up of my mobile applications. So it’s a pretty easy way to get in front of an audience because of the fact that the low competition that it currently has just by the sheer fact that there’s not as many of them. So take that as a.

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