Kimmy Smith: Launching an App to Help Mums Feel Healthy and Strong

Kimmy Smith just finished creating her first app, with the help of an expert at TheAppMatch.

As she found out, creating an app was a lot easier than she initially thought; all Kimmy needed was a drop of creativity and inspiration, all of which she already had in her post-natal fitness/dieting business, “The Fit Mummy Project”.



You might think that, as a working individual or an individual that leads an immensely busy life, creating an app with the potential to generate income on the side is too costly, out of reach, or time-consuming.

As you’ll find out in the information below, it’s none of these things! In fact, you can take a page out of Kimmy’s book and find out exactly how she changed her inspiration into reality!


From Concept to App – Here’s How She Did It


  • Define Your Audience: Kimmy knew the audiences she wanted to target before she finalized her ideas.

She knew the types of appeals she’d need to include in her marketing strategy to successfully draw an already populous audience towards her app:

I am the founder of the Fit Mummy Project, a postnatal fitness and wellbeing hub that is dedicated to helping Mums to feel healthy and strong. I have created the Fit Mummy Project Guides to help new Mums to lose the baby weight and return to exercise in a positive and safe way. The Fit Mummy Project Guides include postnatal exercises and workouts, healthy recipes designed just for busy Mums and some incredible knowledge and resources to help Mums feel confident and empowered in their new role as a Mum.”


  • Set a Specific Goal and Stick With it: She had a strong, readable goal set for turning her business, which was already in existence, into an app with blockbuster monetary potential:

“In the Fit Mummy Project Guides I include lots of workout ideas and links to workout videos I have created. I wanted to make it even easier for Mums to include exercise into their day. I also wanted to be able to share short yoga classes and guided meditations. I thought that an App would allow me to have all of these workouts and videos in the one place and would make it super easy and affordable for Mums to be able to do high quality workouts from home.“


  • Keep an Open Mind, Even in The Face of Doubt: Listening to an instructor on a podcast, one who’d she eventually collaborate with, Kimmy kept her eyes on the prize.

Jarrod, the instructor, worked with Kimmy through The App Match, a site that specializes in helping entrepreneurs launch apps that enhance or start their businesses.

Kimberley kept her head up, even when she faced internal doubt regarding the cost of the app’s startup:

“I had this idea for about 6 months, but I always thought it would be too expensive to bring to life. I heard Jarrod on a podcast with the Merrymaker Sisters. Emma and Carla’s story sounded so similar to mine and I realised that there was a way to bring my App to life that didn’t involve a second mortgage on my house!”


  • Listen To A Mentor: Kimmy’s instructor throughout the app-making process was Jarrod, an instructor from

Kimmy shared Jarrod’s passion for the start of her app, and channeled this passion into action:

“Jarrod’s passion for helping me to think outside the box and look at the ways I can take my App from being just a product to a fully fledged business has been amazing!”


  • Have a promotion plan!

Kimmy has a plan for the promotion of her App, even though it’s not yet in the public eye:

“I plan on initially promoting my App through social media. I am running a competition to giveaway some incredible prizes and entry to the competition involves downloading the App. I have also been sharing a lot of valuable free content over the last year with my audience, so I have built up a lot of trust.

I will also be looking at more mainstream media, guest blogging, collaborating with other small business owners and getting out and talking to doctors, physics, midwifes and obstetricians about the benefits of the App.”


Recapping Her Success

Let’s lay out the previously mentioned successes of Kimmy Smith’s entrepreneurial endeavours.

You’ll see that, from these points, monetizing a side hustle or side business might not be out of reach, even for working adults on a tight schedule!

  • Kimmy knew the audience she was going to target, from the beginning. This was largely due to her already-in-existence business, “Fit Mummy Project Guides”.

This is an important action for entrepreneurs to take, especially those who’re looking to launch their digital application into a competitive market.

  • She kept a specific goal in mind, and structured all of her work around trying to reach this goal.

You can’t move forward as an entrepreneur without your goals clearly defined and laid out in front of you, like the pages of a book.

  • She pushed doubt to the back of her mind, even when she was worried about the monetary aspects of monetizing her business through an app.

Finding the funds to kickstart your business into the app world might seem like a daunting task, but it’s not as hard as you’d think.

  • Kimmy didn’t shy away from receiving the help and insight of Jarrod, an instructor at
  • She didn’t shy lose sight of her goal, even though the app is finished. She still needs to launch it!

Stay tuned for more information and insight into Kimmy’s app development process, as well as the results of her app’s initial launch!


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